"Custom made, one piece at a time..."

History and Background:

For over 25 years, Kenzer Furniture has been designing and producing exceptional quality furniture and cabinetry. Nestled in the hills of southern Vermont, we have offered a type of service that is available less and less today, that of a design and build company. By incorporating years of building experience with the execution and presentation of a complete set of detailed shop drawings, the client can always be assured of a seamless final result. In addition, close working relationships with our customers have brought nothing but praise and satisfaction over the years. These customers can be found in the heart of Manhattan, the suburbs of New Jersey and numerous other locations throughout Vermont and New England. We work with contractors, architects and artists as well, producing designs of their own creation. Stylistically we are able to offer a vast range of work from traditional to contemporary.


Although originally a furniture shop, we have grown to realize the importance of the kitchen in today's homes. By incorporating the skill of the furniture maker, with its attention to detail and precision, we feel that our customers are getting some of the finest kitchen cabinetry available today. The kitchen designs themselves derive from either a close working relationship with architects and independent kitchen designers or our own complete design services. Of course, the client also plays a pivotal role in the design process. By carefully listening to our customers' needs and evaluating all requirements, our kitchens succeed where others might not. Highly detailed and meticulously drawn blueprints also contribute to the success of this collaboration.

The Design Process:

Once a customer expresses interest in having Kenzer Furniture do work for their home, we offer one free consultation. The next phase continues with further discussions as well as the initiation of the design and drawings. Well executed drawings are key to the success of our client relationship. An appropriate fee is established for this phase prior to its beginning.

Furniture & Cabinetry:

We are proud to offer our customers individually designed pieces of furniture and cabinetry. This process provides them with the increasingly rare opportunity to participate in the designing and to have custom made pieces built to the highest standards. I hope you will take a moment to browse this website and to view examples of our work. If you are interested in discussing a project or would like to place an inquiry, I would be happy to respond.

Thank you.


Steven Kenzer


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